Grass Should be Greener on Your Side of the Fence

Choose our sod installation services in the Midway or Richmond Hill, GA area

Does your lawn have some rough patches? Are there places that you can't get grass to grow in, no matter what you do? Sod installation is the best way to ensure that your lawn stays lush and green year-round. Coastal Tide Landscape is one of the most trusted sod installation companies in the Midway, GA area.

We have four types of sod to choose from. We'll work with you to choose the best one for your lawn. If you want a green and vibrant lawn, call Coastal Tide Landscape to get a free estimate on sod installation services.

Here 3 facts that should convince you to get sod installation

Here 3 facts that should convince you to get sod installation

If you're looking for sod installation companies, look no further. Coastal Tide Landscape has you and your yard covered.

Here are a few good reasons to choose our sod installation services:

  1. Sod will prevent erosion by helping to filter water run-off.
  2. Sod will add value to your home and boost your curb appeal.
  3. Sod stays cooler than rock, concrete, asphalt or artificial turf.

Reach out to us right away if your yard in the Midway, GA area could benefit from sod installation.